Wednesday 31 March 2010

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Ingmar Bergman


Theo Van Doesburg


Robert Browning
By Julia Margaret Cameron, 1865


Heinrich Kühn, 1908

Out of the past

Rose Clark, 1898

Not only does looking at the predecessors help to put things in perspective, refining both what really appeals to one, and indeed hones in on what one is searching for.

But I feel it as a slap across the face, not through envy but rather despair and the plain fact of the matter that in portraiture the subject is all. Of course getting the exposure, composition etc.. correct also paramount, but without that connection it is just another photo amongst the billions. The light and subtle tilt of child's head, and her eyes all create this great confrontational spirit. Having never heard of Rose Clark, and forgetting the reddened cheek it is little discoveries as these that makes a dull day all the more brighter.

On the old Stair/ Doorway

Clarence H. White


Berenice Abbot, 1930

Subject of shoes

Susanne Esche,
on the subject of shoes, 1975

E s a c

Te Dire

nature of the beast

ou bien

the demon
one means
the medium

to exorcise
to fix

that which surfaces
in the minds eye

preoccupations within...

Only Beloved daughter of Vali Myers

Vali Myers & Foxy
Foxy 1965-1979

Posted before but worth the repeat

Boulder, Colorado

Francesca Woodman

In front of Counter Composition

Nelly and Theo van Doesburg the dog Dada,
dancer Kamares in front Counter Composition XVI, 1925.

Counter-Composition XVI

Theo van Doesburg
Study for Counter-composition XVI. Pencil

Fot Mont

Raoul Hausmann, 1930


Tom Moran, September 1987
Nicholas Nixon

Knew it was coming

Composition with double line and yellow, 1932
P Mondrian

Pas Peur

' Je

t o m b e

mais je n'ai pas peur '

Antonin Arnaud

van Doesburg

Theo & Nelly van Doesburg, Weimar 1921

J Kerner

Justinus Kerner

~ autoportrait

Germaine Krull, 1930

Dealers then

Leonard Baskin


M Tichy

Great Heights

Guy Bourdin


La sortie
n'existe pas
les ronronnements
et puis

des autres

sans fin

un abîme

Ex Lib

Louÿs Louÿs

Pierre Louÿs

Left Profile, from Below

Georgia O' Keeffe 1922
A Steiglitz

Tuesday 30 March 2010


Morning - The Bathroom

Evening - Interior, 1899
Clarence H White

Where is Monna?

Monna with leaf shadows, 1925
Edward Weston

Snake Charmer

Henri-Rousseau, 1907

Yet to see

Fruit of Paradise

Just 17

all credit to Vali Myers
By Ed Van Der Elsken


Lincoln Clarkes


Bert Stern

Eye on you

Charlotte Rampling, Saint Tropez, 1967
Helmut Newton

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Carlo Mollino

A L'anniversaire

Oscar Wilde
Drawings - Alastair

Is/ as


Miroslav Tichy