Tuesday, 30 June 2009

In Department Store

James Jowers
Woman in Department Store, 1968

Distance of time

It may be years before snaphots (that is recent ones)
resonate with the memory of the past.

Thoughts of Robert E Jackson

Père Lachaise 4

October 2008


Eve, Eve

Two images of the same scene, or rather Diptychs are Sonneman's primary focus in all aspects of her art. I came across an interesting article from the Village Voice published in 1978 by Ben Lifson:

' A situation described in the left panel changes in the right as time lapses between exposures. One can tell little slice-of-life stories with a technique like this...But Sonneman's style goes further. It can dramatize how our perceptions of things change when we take a second look at them from a slightly different point of view....

The black line between Sonneman's frames is thus like a semicolon in a sentence dividing an initial statement from an afterthought.... It makes no difference how much time has elapsed between the first shot of a couple lying on a beach and the second shot in which a horse and rider speed past them. Sonneman's fiction of the world's rapid change is accomplished.

Since we know that in each diptych the images were juxtaposed in real time- not in the darkroom at some later stage- we imagine the photographer when we look at the pictures. Sonneman thus creates a fiction of the photographer as well as the world.'

Coney Island Couple


'Art is made by the alone
for the alone.'

Luis Barragán

The Party - Joker

Square America Archive


Square America Archive

Bonheur du Jour


Christer Strömholm,
Angelica, 1975

Gardez Vos Yeux

Bande a part

2 femmes

Guy Bourdain


Catherine Deneuve in Polanski's 'Repulsion'

Monday, 29 June 2009

Grey Attic

Edward Weston,
Grey Attic

Clare E Sipprell

Clare E Sipprell,
Ivy and Old Glass, NY

Olive tree


Edward Weston, Charis 1934

Ilse Bing

Ilse Bing, Self portrait 1931

Route 50

Nancy Rexroth
Mountain Route 50, Albany Ohio

Angel at the tomb

Julia Margaret Cameron,
The Angel at the Tomb 1870


By Imogen Cunningham
Margrethe Mather and Edward Weston, 1922


Eugene Atget

Mollino Polaroid

1967 approx

Matching bathing suits

Diane Arbus, “Two girls in matching bathing suits,
Coney Island, N.Y.,” 1967

Model Belge

Image from Bibliodyssey

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Celine & Julie

'Celine & Julie Go Boating'
Directed by Jaques Rivette

Friday, 26 June 2009

R.I.P. Mr Jackson

White Sky, Chauncey, Ohio, 1976 by Nancy Rexroth

Nancy Rexroth

Aunt Martha's Hands, Grandview, Iowa, 1973

My Mother, Pennsville, Ohio, 1970

Waving House, Vanceburg, Kentucky, 1975

Thursday, 25 June 2009



Charles C Zoller, Orchid

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Apartment 1938

Carlo Mollino

Like a good wine

By Juergen Teller

Charlotte Rampling - Still from Night Porter

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Diane Arbus
Girl sitting on her bed with her shirt off, 1968

All the books, all the exhibitions, and all the musings about her suicidal death lead me often to wonder whether her images would resonate such depth and sadness if we remained none the wiser?

In other words if we knew nothing of the history of her life and more importantly her sad end would the work still have this profound weight ?

I think you would have to say it would, it does.

Her vision and the body of work she created is so singular. To this day it still intrigues and emanates such an aura because of it's strength as an image.

So many theories and critics point out the fact that her work; these portraits she took are simply reflections of her, the dwarfs, the sword swallower- all her.
To an extent I agree, but having read a lot of her own writing I sense that her quest was to reveal and get to the inner core of all these people. Repeated shoots and frames, and as much time she possibly could get so as to capture the real nature of her subject in just one still image.

Like Chloe like Karl

Chloe Sevigny

Karl Waldmann Collage

Either its the tilt of the head or the specs there is something uncanny about these two images.
Then again it could just be me???


Williamsburg 2008

Girl and a Gun

Les Carabiniers

A Copenhague

Anna Karina, Jean-Luc Godard
Copenhagen, 1962


David Bailey, Jean Shrimpton 1962

La Mode

By Norbert Schoerner, Vogue

On the Bill

William Eggleston and Charlotte Rampling
By Juergen Teller