Friday, 31 July 2009

Del on a Motorcycle

Girl on a Motorcycle


Sonia Rykiel

Mots - Overcoming

Overcoming Disasters

it blows
the light


thinking on ones


The great surge
the great wave of


Light returns
to go


Crop II

June 2009

Crop 1

June 2009

Wild Horses

Girl On a Motorcycle

Inside Grey Gardens II

Francoise Dorléac

Francoise Dorléac
par David Bailey, May 1967
(Taken 2 months before her untimely death in Nice)

Seul III

Wendy Bevan

Song are like tattoos

Big Yellow Taxi.
That was once all I knew about Joni Mitchell and I guess because I didn't love it I did not need to look further. Then I heard the album 'Blue'.
Highly personal, an introspective testiment as to what genuis music, music that comes from the very core can do.
Joni has this ability to make her voice do all kinds of leaps and bounds, becoming an instrument itself and just as important if not more so than the chords of her guitar.
Pointless to explain and go through the history behind the songs, it is all Joni, it is all beautiful, powerful and pure.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

J Moreau

Jean Moreau,
David Bailey, March 1964

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Rue de Turenne

Rue de Turenne

Premier Poupeé

Hans Bellmer et sa premier poupeé, 1933

Maison de rêves ou réalité

Celine et Julie Vont en bateau


Françoise Hardy,
La Question

Qui perdait l'équilibre

Poupée Series,
Hans Bellmer

Back Dive

H Edgerton
Back Dive, 1954

Art is Sanity I

First Visit

The connection that I make in my work are connections that I cannot face.
They are really unconscious connections.
The artist has the privilege of being in touch with his or her unconscious, and this is really a gift.
It is the definition of sanity.
It is the definition of self-realization.

Louise Bourgeois, 1998-9

Tri mmetry

Diane Arbus
Triplets in their bedroom


Holy Mountain

Every frame, a perfect still - often the danger with taking stills from Jodorowsky's films is the desire to capture them all. Which can lead them to loose their strength they attain in the flow and succession as they appear in time through the film. Also as stills there is no control in the lenght of time that each frame is shown to the viewer.

Jodorowsky has such a gift for symmetrical compositions and colour. Weird and wonderful, the imagery he depicts is so full and rich it can leave you slightly overwhelmed, but ever fuelled with a melange of the bizarre the beautiful and the grotesque.

I love that you never know what to expect next, there are no boundaries he does not, or indeed fears to cross. He does literally blow your mind.

Thank you Simon B for introducing me to the world of the Jodorowsky !

Home Portraits II

Joseph & Carolyn Iorio & Son,
Her parents, Stephen & Louise Puma. 1447 78th St.,
Flatbush, Brooklyn. July 20, 1978

Inside Grey Gardens

Mother Dear

Eddie and Little Eddie

Gimme Shelter

Vali Myers
par Ed Van der Elsken

La Motocyclette

Marianne Faithfull
Girl On a Motorcycle, Directed by Jack Cardiff

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Catherine par Sieff

Jean Loup Sieff
Catherine Deneuve

Dame en Blanc

Another Magazine


H Edgerton
Lacrosse Multiflash 1939

L'Eden et apres

par Alain Robbe Grillet

Vingt Ans 1972

Jim Lee

En rouge et blanc

Sonia Rykiel

First of the Last

Stills for Opening scene - Last Tango in Paris

Under cover

Allan Grant

On The Beach

Joan Didion