Saturday, 31 October 2009

H Eve


Egon's Girl

Egon Schiele


By Roger Deckker



Femina Ridens


Femina Ridens

I have used a few of these images in a previous Blog, but in this case I feel the repetition is needed.

Silence of Swans

Mats Gutsafson


William Claxton


Baba Yaga

Friday, 30 October 2009

III Musketeers

Jeanloup Sieff

Roger Deckker

Roger Deckker

Generally speaking contemporary fashion photography does not excite me as much, there are exceptions of course... Something to do with the invention of the digital camera I expect, it leaves me cold.
There is a lack of gritty, experimental and emotional qualities that are so deeply embedded in analog photography. I don't imagine, that the likes of Deborah Turberville, Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi have fully embraced digital. Then again I could be wrong.

In any case I have recently discovered Roger Deckker, the image above really reminds me of Sam Haskins' November Girl. I like the variations and the way he pushes the medium. One image in particular, which I hope to post soon could easily be confused with a shot of Nico.


By Lisa Law via Nico website

'In 1967 Nico and I hung out at John and Tom Law's home above the Sunset Strip where she visited and we did a shoot. She tried on a dress I had made to wear during my pregnancy with Pilar, our first child. Nico started dancing around the back yard twirling and pirouetting and having a wonderful time. A very special moment in all my years of photography. Nico was an amazing woman.'

— Lisa Law


clair voyant

Retombé dans ses Bras

Chloe Sevigny
By Roger Deckker

Sans Fin

Roger Deckker

Bert's Eye View

Bert Stern

Andy and Debbie Good Night

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait (in Drag), 1981.
Debbie Harry (Top)

Madame Gaspard

Madame Gaspard


William Eggleston

La Gala de L'Union

Serge et Charlotte Gainsbourg

Birkin's Babe

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Mario Sorrenti
Oct 2007

Birkin Babe

Jane Birkin
By Jean-Jacques Bugat,
French Vogue, 1972

Clown Around

Alix Malka
October 2006


Sanne Sannes


Lillian Bassman

Box Top

Guy Bourdin

Et Plus A Suivre

Andrea Kovacs Sep 28, 1974
Walker Evans


Land Girl

Dorothea Lange

Walker Evans 1973-4

Joyce Baronio's Back 1973

Jane Stott, Austin, Texas March 24, 1974

Ricki Hudeas Old Lyme Cinnecticut Oct 1974




Zoe Lund
By John+Arbasetti


From Lindsey's Room

Danny Lyons

Just a shot away

Keith Richards
By Annie Leibowitz

Momento Mori

Jeffrey K Silverthorne