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Evelyne Nesbit


Elle est Plein


Entire City

Max Ernst


Max Ernst


..les questions...

et le désarroi

View Mirror

Gerard Petrus Fieret

Boxes and Carnivals

Lena After the Show, Essex Junction, Vermont .
Susan Meiselas 1973

Pandora's Box opened at The Wapping Project Bankside last night, and the brief 'chat' with Susan Meisalas was as insightful as it was thought provoking. The images taken 15 years ago, were deemed impossible to show at the time of production; the S & M content of a real life outfit in New York was just too risque.. Thanks to both the film documentary and Meisalas' photos the venue has seen a surge in clientele and even relocated to a larger and more expensive area...Though Meisalas adds its popularity has somewhat ruined what it was.

Further interesting points include Meisalas' belief that the series 'could' not have been produced without her former knowledge and experience she took from the infamous 'Carnival Strippers' series.
Both share this core set of issues, the women performing these acts - whether that be stripping or acting as a dominatrix - are in control. They often lead double lives and this 'job' is usually a window in their lives, all but soon to pass. Though with Pandoras Box we are talking more about bought relationships.. Comments worth a mention where how much we have moved on in terms of shock value/ explicit imagery - the point was made how some of these images could even be seen as tame and a touch nostalgic compared with what is available on the net etc... All rather distressing but true nonetheless.

This Disneyland of Domination, these rich opulent colour negs, an unstaged document of women performing desired acts ticked from a box, the desired choice of the pain- seeking clients. I can already envisage the series becoming as evocative as 'Carnival Strippers'.


G P Fieret

On Tire Swing

Regina Deluise

Leaning Forward

Regina Deluise


Andrei Tarkovsky.

~Florence Peterson

Paul Burty Haviland .

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Zone Interdit

E Atget

Nina in a fur coat

Ilya Glazunov, 1954





Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Colour of Pomegranates

Sergei Paradjanov

Shadows of

Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors
Sergei Paradjanov

Sneak peak

Electrocution of Ruth Snyder
Tom Howard


Evelyn Nesbit
by Rudolf Eickemeyer, 1901




Вечер. 1995
Ilya Glazunov

Snowy Dock

Regina Deluise

Out of

Marcelo Montecino


Gerard Petrus Fieret

Blow Fog Away

Sarah Moon

Time/ Being

'The fact that time flows the same way in all heads proves more conclusively than anything else that we are all dreaming the same dream: more than that all who dream that dream are one and the same being.'


Into the ethereal

Catalina Susana Garcia 'lifts' herself into the ethereal, 1905

Sans Titre

Annelise Kretschmer, 1920s

Le Lido

Le Lido de Paris, 1953
Ed Van Der Elsken

The Dreaming Life Of Leonora de la Cruz

Selena Kimball

Fille de Fieret

G Fieret

Mantle Cat


Young woman


Way Down East


Ilya Glazunov, 1977

Note from


My Man

Andrei Tarkovsky


Sätty (Wilfried Podriech)

The Virgin Spring

Ingmar Bergman, 1960


Дерево. На даче. 1949
(Tree. At the Dacha)
Ilya Glazunov

Paths that lead to new discoveries, they fill the searcher with joy, all the parts come together as though predestined. Leads through comparisons with others only point to futher richness, further scopes and further finds. The efforts and the work pay off. The trouble taken all but fade the image all but prevails...

Брошенная изба.

Ilya Glazunov
Abandoned Hut, 1961


source unknown


Source unknown

The Level

'I want to preserve the level of quality.
Like Atlas holding the earth on his shoulders.'

A Tarkovsky

Monday, 24 May 2010