Friday, 30 April 2010

Deneuve est un fumeur de Havanes

Catherine Deneuve
par Helmut Hewton

Full bloom

Rose Cumming

Shoulder pups

Edith Wharton and Dogs

Embracing all eccentric feline forms
and shunning the monotony of the norm
lost in the flocks

Mother and child on a couch

Mother and child on a couch
James Abbott Mcneill Whistler

In Colour

54 East 55th Street, N.Y. 1927

54 East 55th Treasure

54 East 55th Street, N.Y.,
Rose Cumming Residence, 1927

After Lunch

H Hodgkin

Eva & Marianne

'Two Lost souls shuffling about the house in a fog'......

Marianne Faithfull

~ Freundinnen

Freundinnen [ Les Amies de Chambre c.1924]
Germaine Krull

Aurelia Weingarter in Dead Leaves

Aurelia Weingarter in Dead Leaves
Deborah Turbeville

Within a whisker

Aneta Bartos

The Accident

The Accident, Lexington Avenue, New York City
Louis Faurer

Naples #729

Naples #729, 1990
By Jed Fielding

Émile François Zola

Émile François Zola, 1890

Week of Wonders

Vítězslav Nezval

Helen Sears

Sarah Choate Sears, 1902

What a gentle awakening

Marceline and Mary (of one voice)
By Max Ernst


By Inara Kolmane


Max Ernst

Weaves her a shroud

' Good night , my gentle magician
hear your nymph as she sobs aloud.
Hear her weep in her dejection,
as the night weaves her a shroud.

Good night my golden-haired maiden.
Good night and may you sweetly sleep,
and wake you wake my ladylove,
for ever and aye your secret keep.'

Vítězslav Nezval

Some kind of night into your darkness

Sarah Moon

Petit Trianon


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

This way comes

April 2010

Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver

Forget the Rules

'In order to write well you have to forget the rules of grammar.'


Tonight she will be full

Tunisia, 1880


via chifforn burnout


Lou Doillon for Vanessa Bruno
By Mark Borthwick

François Desprez

François Desprez, 1565

Untitled Berlin

Heji Shin, 2008

Le Bonheur

Le Bonheur
Agnes Varda


Agnes Varda

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Brackets or Crochets[]

Brackets or Crochets[] Brace {} Ellipsis…
Parallels|| Obelisk† Double Dagger‡ Asterisk*

Pointing Made Easy, by Mr. Stops.
John Harris 1824

Jamie Bochert

Marc Jacobs
By Juergen Teller

Etheldreda Janet Laing

Etheldreda Janet Laing


..'Nobody's fault but mine
If I die and my soul be lost
Nobody's fault but mine..'

Nina Simone

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt

Lady Trick


Source unknown

Can Can

Ilse Bing

Hand In

Source Unknown

Bellmer Anatomy

Hans Bellmer


Mid biM

Arts and Architecture magazine, 1952

Looking glass

Francesca Woodman

Mirror Still

Chantal Akerman


Heji Shin

Tenko & Monika

Tenko & Monika, Berlin, 2007
By Heji Shin

Is Nature My Only Way

Mark Borthwick