Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Am oN

Irving Penn

Miss Brooks

by Eugene Robert Richee


Vilhem Hammershøi (1864 - 1916)



'If you would understand the poet, you must go to the poet's land.'


Points to...

Melodie Mcdaniel


Sally Mann

Bare back

McCall Johnson

Dans le rose

Edouard Plongeon

The Terry Sisters

The Terry Sisters (detail), 1875,
Lewis Carroll


Anna Karina
By Jean Luc-Godard, 1965


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B u III y

Photo by Tobin Yelland
From 'Bully' - Larry Clark

You were

Driving Circles



Sunny in the Sauna

Sunny in the Sauna,
L’Hotel Paris, 2008

Nan Goldin

24 hr Church of Elvis

McCall Johnson


Failing to grasp

recall dreams

rien q'un vide
comme je reve pas

time lapse

comme rien passe

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What Remains

Sally Mann.

Study of a Peacock feather

John Ruskin 1863

Jeune Fille / La Guitare

Marie Laurencin

The container

Expanding the container
all very good

but the



On the Rocks

Keith Richards at Joshua Tree
By Michael Cooper



Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa

Victoria Melita & Elizabeth

Victoria Melita of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
with her first child Princess Elisabeth

Elisabeth of Hesse

Elisabeth of Hesse

Sun Reflections

Gustave le Gray, 1856

If memory serves me correctly I first came across le Gray's work at the V & A, and fell in love instantly...How to make a cliche image stand apart from those soulless holiday snaps that always fail to recreate and capture the expanse of space, the beauty of a moment forever lost - see the sea landscapes of le Gray .A testament to overcoming the postcard tainted image rendering a nostalgic and painterly tone to moments meant to take and retake one's breath away....

Personne apelle

quand elle n'est pas la

. .


Brought to Light

from Brought to Light Photography and the Invisible,

Liza Stelle

Liza Stelle


Mal preparé


cherchant l'espoir
et la joie

peut- etre

que l'etre se renouvelle

Par E Rose

Eric Rose


Alexandre Volkoff 1927



Further points that reverberate, repeat and rear their ugly heads - question of forced, false aesthetics. Questions of senstaionalist images that on the surface entice viewers but lack the truth and unforced narratives that only the greats can achieve. The emotion is somehow missing. The mood is somewhat too contrived and I believe this is where, in the long run they will cease to be, cease to prevail. For these are the fads of the modern aesthetic, for the all too empty and shallow viewer. They overpower, their arrogance overshadows the reversed and subtle approach. Full of vainglory, surfaces that shout, qui n'ont rien a voir avec la verite.. .

Starification Object Series

Hannah Wilke


Melodie Mcdaniel

Portrait of a Lady in Pink

William Chase Merritt

Stills of Oz

New Version

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Pull a part

Monday, 14 June 2010

En haut

George Rose


On se détruit

Connections Lost

'Art isn't about perfection. Before cameras, travelers sketched so that they could record what they saw on trips, as souvenirs, in the same way that bourgeois families, in the days before recordings, used to listen to music by making it themselves at home on the piano or singing in the parlour. There was a more intimate connection between the amateur musician or artist and the professional, because amateurs had firsthand experience. What's lost today is not just the accidental masterpiece but also that sense of art not as a remote commodity but as something we all make.

Michael Kimmelman

Victoria Melita

Princess Victoria Melita
Theatrical performance, July 1898

Entre nous

Only a Dream

Source Unknown


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Meshes of Veils

M Deren

White Gauze

White Gauze, 1984
R Mapplethorpe

Volutes bleues

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Robert & Sam

Robert Mappelthorpe and Sam Wagstaff

Marie Three

Marie Laurencin

As a feather

Patti Smith
By Linda Smith Bianucci

So Help Me Hannah

Hannah Wilke1978