Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Struggle

Robert Stivers, 2005

Stivers image brings up this recurring point of reproduction and originality. The image clearly is a section of another artist's work - I believe it is Durer but forgive me if I am wrong.
Richard Prince and his photographs taken form a 70s magazine are also worth a mention. Are both Prince and Stivers merely taking the easy way out ? By employing these methods of reproduction and not aspiring to produce fresh work are they lacking ingenuity? I suppose you just need to look at the stature of these artists and also recognize the fact that the work is conceptual above all. Personally I have no problem with it. It is of interest to decipher why these particular images/ these specific sections have been pinpointed, circled like some job ad in a newspaper. Also worth noting this is one aspect of their expansive work.

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