Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen's Work on the whole strikes an unnerving cord, recalling much of Arbus' late work.

They usually stay with me, perhaps largely due to the subject matter, the strange poses they strike and the general weird look.
I cannot say firmly say I could envisage hanging one on my wall, but as the saying goes - never say never.

The image above, is of course not as disturbing and even has a great balance of tones; the small white cat against the grey rug, a paw just touching on the black floor. Then there is the crisp white curtain where the man peaks his head through, but what is really great is the tiny black triangle created by parting the curtains. This triangular area above his head tricks the eye, well my eye anyway and takes on the form of a witches hat. The seated lady and her great print of a skirt. All factors that when shot in black and white make the image all the more striking.

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