Monday, 27 July 2009

Home Portraits

Barbara Rothenberg
135 Eastern Parkway, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn June 9, 1978

Why I have spent an entire day going through the Brooklyn Photographic Archives is beyond me... But when I rationalize I start to piece together possible explanations, that and my bizarre, verging on obsessive, interest with photographic image/ history.

So the archive fulfills an evident predilection for all things seventies; interiors, lifestyles, clothes. They also provide an extensive view on family life and that voyeuristic aspect and enjoyment of people watching, but upping it a level; watching people in their homes. More than that I cannot help but think that some of these shots share what an early Arbus could have captured (though not as dark) especially several of the portraits.

The images are best viewed enlarged. All the little details, and idiosychrosies take on a greater importance. I really think that the black/ white and square format succeeds whereas colour would somehow spoil, and provide too much information if you like. More to come....

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