Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Holy Mountain

Every frame, a perfect still - often the danger with taking stills from Jodorowsky's films is the desire to capture them all. Which can lead them to loose their strength they attain in the flow and succession as they appear in time through the film. Also as stills there is no control in the lenght of time that each frame is shown to the viewer.

Jodorowsky has such a gift for symmetrical compositions and colour. Weird and wonderful, the imagery he depicts is so full and rich it can leave you slightly overwhelmed, but ever fuelled with a melange of the bizarre the beautiful and the grotesque.

I love that you never know what to expect next, there are no boundaries he does not, or indeed fears to cross. He does literally blow your mind.

Thank you Simon B for introducing me to the world of the Jodorowsky !

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