Tuesday, 24 November 2009

All Good

Walker Evans

So I came across some criticism re the 'end' of Polaroids/ polaroid production. The argument mainly along the lines of the fact the Polaroid is far inferior to the professional photograph. And that the end of maunfacture is something we should not regret but rather in some ways look forward to.

Seeing two current exhibitions on polaroids this week, along with past exhibitions of the likes of Mapplethorpe and Andrei Tarkovsky. I can only go as far as deducing that this mere mortal has failed to experience such encounters. For had they ever come face to face with the magical poetry captured in a misty morning moor by Tarkovsky they would(if they shred of human emotion) feel the power, and the genius of the artist and in deed the medium.
This 'Toy camera' used in shoots primarily to test the light, has far more to offer when placed in the right hands. And talks and petitions to restart production offer a glimmer of hope to people such as myself that revere the medium.
Perhaps Helmut Newton affirms this in his musing: ' Why is it that Polaroids often contain a freshness and spontaneity that is lacking in the carefully planned final shots on what I call 'real' film?'

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