Monday, 18 October 2010

The Fabrics.... Work

Louise Bourgeois, Both Untitled 2005

No doubt an after effect of a recent brush with Bourgeois work, this renewed captivation remains instantaneous when one comes face to face with her oeuvre. Interestingly enough all these recent works were created by herself and one other person, it seems time did not wither both her ability to create and her genius at making works that transcend.

I think this show in particular at Hauser and Wirth, is a testament to her success and the broadness of her appeal - her fabrics appeal to people of the fashion/ design / art/ craft/ even music world with their rhythmical structures; basically everyone. Then the sculptures - oh the giant spider which I purposely planted myself under, that childlike feeling so well brought to the forefront of my mind. Like Caroll's Alice, after a little too much of the 'drink me' ...

To Louise, the great Louise and the marvel she has left us.

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