Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Hugs - One without the other

Groom kissing his bride, N.Y.C. 1965
Diane Arbus

The Hug, 1980
Nan Goldin

I am most probably reiterating a point I have made before. 'The Hug' by Nan Golding (Bottom image) must have appeared in an earlier post but Arbus' the 'Groom kissing his bride' brought Goldin's image to mind.
Of course Goldin is often attributed to Arbus and being influenced by her. Here lies the point; that influence does not necessarily equate to copying. Perhaps Arbus would not have taken the road she did without being taught by the likes of Lisette Model or had she not studied the portraits of August Sander. There is also this question of the catalogue of our minds harbouring subconscious images and how something that flashed past us is unknowingly recycled when we take / draw etc an image....

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