Friday, 25 February 2011

Kate par Corinne

By Corinne Day


  1. I saw this posted earlier... it has affected me more than once already in the last week or so having also seen it ,coincidentally, in other places too.

    It's strange to see a piece of work which is regarded as "Historical" and to have lived "in it".

    Both of their lives we're very much intertwined with mine at the time of the image being taken... I'd known Corrine for at least 4 years by then and Kate for a couple....both professionally & socially... I should prolly write a book<<<tis often said by those who wouldn't buy it! ;o).

    Anyways...thanks for sharing your admiration of the work and thank-you for a giving me a prompt to a lot of memories I haven't considered for a longtime...X

  2. I have had the image saved for such a long time but have been waiting for the 'right' moment to post it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts - such wonderful memories you must have of partaking in the shoot. Corinne is such an inspiration to me and she seems to have been a real visionary and determined spirit.

    Write that book !
    all the best