Sunday, 14 August 2011

Share v protect

Still undecided as to whether to continue posting personal photos of mine. On the one hand putting them online is a sort of safety net, household fires and what not...and it is nice to share afterall.

But the other side of me wants to protect them, posting them online allows all sorts - unimaginable freedom of access to god knows who. More to the point they loose their author/ source. I feel very strongly about blogs that merely depict imagery without any recognition of who made that image or where they found it. Drives me nuts. If you quote a writer, on the whole one sees quotation marks followed by the writer's name. Why should it not be so with images.....
sunday morning grumble over....

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  1. I found this blog during a research of ... i do not remember what. But i put it on my preference because this incredible, fantastic, historical, list of apparent casual selection of images from another world is unique. I think you have discovered a new way to propose art, as instant fragments of your life thorough instant pictures of people, places, artists etc. of your life. I made a lot of researches about photographer you listed, about their subject, about the places, founding other worlds (and words). Please don't care about privacy, or the future of this list, all of us have no privacy at all, despite any different provision; and without a blog like this we (all the world) would remain unconscious of that incredible place of memories, and art. Any case, Thanks a lot. Ikonovel.