Tuesday, 7 April 2009

De l'attraction des astres - Melody Nelson

How to put into words, how to explain an album I never fall out of love with. An album that excites on every single play, new discoveries, word formations and sentences sure to resonate and repeat in my mind.
A 1971 concept album, it is an innovation of rock/guitar and strings, spoken word accompanied by that signature Serge Gainsbourg beat. Not forgetting the string/choral arrangements by Jean-Claude Vannier. A true classic.
It is basically a Lolita-esque ill fated story. The red haired Melody from Sunderland (which always stand outs and amuses me slightly amongst the flow of french language) meets the older man,
and sure enough they embark on a love affair.

I often wonder whether Gainsbourg's success is too widely linked to Je t'aime, and if many fail to know and recognise this album as the deserved chef d'oeuvre that it is.

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