Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wild is the Wind

Definition of freedom - 'No Fear/ an indescribable feeling' or words to that effect expressed by Nina in an interview. I refer to her as Nina simply because when you listen to someone so long a natural bond forms, you feel you are on first name basis.
For all the articles and reviews that declare Nina as the uncompromising Diva, throwing endless tantrums, her fowl behaviour, all this perversely makes me love this tormented soul all the more.

Aged 10 and true to her nature, she did not hesitate to get up and refuse to play when she witnessed her parents being asked to vacate their seats for 'white folk'.
Being a leader, and having strength of character as far as the staged is concerned is naturally inspiring. But underneath her evident sadness and vulnerability could perhaps be what fuelled and made her music all the more exceptional.

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